It can be challenging presenting complex information clearly and easily, but making it simple is our thing. Our expert designers create engaging visuals that reimagine how data can be used.

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Our Approach
One thing we understand is data. With a wealth of expertise spanning more than two decades in this field we stand as seasoned pioneers in the art of data visualisation. As trailblazers who embraced the concept of infographics long before it gained widespread recognition our proficiency goes beyond mere statistical interpretation.
Whether sifting through big data and pulling out key insights, overlaying multiple datasets to find patterns and deeper stories or taking raw data from your spreadsheets and designing breathtaking infographics, we’re able to create the best blend of data-driven insights and strategically-backed design that both captivates your audience and will achieve your goals.
From dashboards and specialist reports to animations and interactive infographics, to us data visualisation isn’t just a service, it’s a journey we take. Explore the examples and services highlighted below to witness the seamless blend of expertise and creativity we bring to each project.
Dashboards are visual storytellers for your data. We take complex information and transform it into engaging, easy-to-understand data visualisations. With a dynamic mix of beautifully designed charts, graphs, stats and icons, all working together to convey key insights at a glance. Our dashboards are not just about numbers; they're about turning data into a compelling narrative, making information both engaging and visually appealing. We present your data in a language everyone can understand, without sacrificing style.
A complex dashboard with charts and icons about global sustainable agriculture
Long form infographics are detailed visual representations that go beyond traditional size limits. They present comprehensive information in an extended format, resembling a visual narrative. With multiple sections or chapters, they offer an immersive and engaging exploration of a topic, making complex information more accessible and appealing.
Two long form infographics for The Economist
Data led campaigns are an impactful blend of design and information. Each element transforms complex data into a captivating visual story. From charts, illustrations to compelling graphics, every detail contributes to an aesthetically pleasing and informative experience. With a harmonious marriage of creativity and clarity, they make the numbers not just understandable but visually striking, leaving a lasting impression by inviting engagement.
Designing captivating research reports and surveys is an art that merges beauty with substance. Each element is carefully curated to transform statistical insights into a into a clear visual representation.
The layout is not just aesthetically pleasing but also strategically structured, guiding the reader through a seamless journey of information, building a picture as they engage. Our data visualisations breathe life into raw data, turning numbers into a visual narrative that engages and informs. The outcome is a report that goes beyond the usual, making data exploration a pleasant and enlightening experience. It's not just about conveying information; it's about creating a visual narrative that deeply resonates with your audience.
An example brochure spread full of data
Interactive infographics and data visualisations is an fusion of aesthetics and functionality. We analyse your data to create a simple journeys into the complex for an engaging visual experience. Every detail is purposeful, inviting the audience to take their own journey through research exploring, comparing and discover new insights. Whether on a website, social media campaign or in a presentation, interactive infographics are the best way to guide your audience through large and complex datasets.
An example brochure spread full of data
Crafting beautiful animated infographics brings data to life, captivating audiences with dynamic visuals and enhancing information retention. The benefits extend beyond static visuals, fostering engagement and a deeper understanding of complex concepts as they unfold seamlessly. Animated infographics inject a sense of excitement and interactivity, making data exploration an immersive experience that resonates with viewers and leaves a lasting impact.
An example animated video
Information design isn't confined to numbers and data alone. Sometimes, the most compelling stories unfold through illustrated narratives. It's about transforming complex concepts into captivating images that not only enhance comprehension but also breathe life into the narrative of the data. As the saying goes, "a picture tells a thousand words"!
An example of illustrated infographics
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