Lothbury Investment Management
  • Development Naming
  • Brand & visual identity
  • Messaging & copywriting
  • Brand guidelines
  • Website design & development
  • Agent marketing collateral
  • Digital Marketing brochures
  • CGIs
  • Fly-through videos
  • Floor plans
  • Site Hoarding
  • Way-finding and signage
  • Email marketing design
  • 127CXR.London
Branding for a modern central London Workspace


Setting a new standard for the contemporary workspace, 127CXR is a brand new office opportunity located in central London.

At Agency S/R we strived to create a destination for this new opportunity - we produced a dynamic name for the destination and a striking logo with a vibrant brand identity. This visual language was developed and applied to a number of supporting  marketing materials, on and off-line, that capture the modern, stylish workspaces and facilities required for the urban commuting professional, and the vibrant central hub in which it is located.

The brand utilises a strong, energetic palette that aims to both reflect the spirit of the area and stand out within it. 127CXR is located on the axis of key cultural and transport hot-spots in London, and is the primary inspiration for the graphical language. The use of arrows and crosses, which are derived from the logo type, are utilised in combination to produce striking layouts and compositions. With accompanying characterful typography, this visual language has given us the flexibility to create engaging visual communications for different audiences, and across multiple channels and touch-points.

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The website is the primary digital touchpoint for 127CXR and is the vehicle that best showcases the energy of the brand. This website is the main destination and touchstone for all marketing channels.

Built in Webflow, this immersive website uses animation and interaction to bring the content to life, a moving extension of the brand as used in off-line channels. The website brings together various facets of the branding and marketing work by Agency S/R – the CGIs and video fly-throughs, iconography, floor-plans and graphical maps, copywriting and messaging as well as downloads of technical information and brochures. These are all pivotal in creating an engaging responsive website, with all information easily accessible and digestible for users. This all delivers an experience that properly reflects the building and brand.


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127CXRBrandingIn Action

The 127CXR brand was designed to be flexible and used in many locations. The bold colours, type and graphics allowed us to create attention-grabbing site hoardings, vital in the buildings position in central London, opposite Tottenham Court Road underground station as well as other visually domineering features such as the Outernet. Other usages such as technical agent materials and brochures are able to balance the modern and dynamic with the need for an accessible and clear reading experience, and simpler communications such as used HTML email marketing campaigns are able to utilise key features of the brand in an environment that requires a subtler and simpler implementation.

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