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A fresh new Interface for the MeSH home entertainment app


Simple on the surface. Intricately developed underneath.

Ideaworks are consumer electronic specialists, providing custom design, control and installation for homes, super-yachts, developments and hospitality. They provide solutions for lighting, temperature, security, entertainment and more.

Ideaworks approached Surgery & Redcow to re-design the user interface for their product; the MeSh home control. A unique hand-held control giving users the power to control any technology, from blinds and curtains to lighting, temperature AV and more, all from the palm of their hand. The brief was to modernise their interface with a slick, clean design aesthetic and to simplify function to provide and simpler and more intuitive user experience.

This was achieved by shifting the design from a heavily skeuomorphic aesthetic approach to  a more minimal, flat design; using flat colour and simple type to quickly and simply communicate functions to users. We retained some skeuomorphs within the UI to help users associate certain controls with their physical counterparts, but applied a clean flat design style to these elements, using colour changes as visual feedback rather than heavy shadows.

MeSh home control application, light and temperature  UI
MeSh home control application, audio UI
MeSh home control application, television  UI
MeSh home control application user interface
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